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"There is no medicine like hope, no incentive so great, and no tonic so powerful

as expectation of something better tomorrow." O.S. Marden


Although each therapist and practitioner is different, we all provide a compassionate and creative presence in attending to whatever you bring to our work together.  Our approach is collaborative and non-judgmental, as

we seek to create a quiet and comfortable space.  We will work with you to understand what prevents you

from living your life to the fullest, or address various health issues, or other concerns you may have. 

We are committed to helping you gain an improved sense of balance in this often chaotic world and an

overall sense of well-being, even in the midst of hardship or pain. 

While research supports that longer term treatment provides more of an opportunity to truly understand your inner world, develop trust, and have more long-term positive outcomes, we also believe in meeting you where you are. Sometimes clients simply want a consultation or short term counseling. We want to be helpful in any way that is specific to your individual circumstances, while maintaining quality counseling and psychotherapy. 

Low Cost Counseling  

We have counselors who have graduated with their degrees but are working on getting their licenses for the state of Arizona, so offer lower rates. Although these clinicians do not take insurance, they may offer discounts similar to insurance copays.


Individual clinicians who are licensed also offer other discounts for those who qualify or lower rates while waiting to be credentialed with insurance companies. All fees are based on the individual clinician who is offering his or her service.


Please click on button below to see each clinician's individual rates and fees, including discounted rates.



The same quality counseling can also be completed by phone or online, also known as Telehealth counseling. Although we respond to emails in counseling, phone and telehealth increase emotional interaction and has instant feedback compared to online chatting or email alone. Some individuals may be too busy, live too far away, or be challenged in some way making it difficult to come into the office. These individuals can utilize Telehealth counseling as their sole method of counseling and therapy while others combine Telehealth to augment their in-office sessions. Under certain conditions, some insurance plans cover this type of counseling. Regardless, Telehealth can be advantageous for those who want or need this type of therapy.

Call 520.981.4547 for more information.

                                   Group Work

At various times we offer groups based on need and availability. A therapeutic group,  facilitated by a trained therapist, usually consists of three to six people committing themselves to attend weekly or bi-weekly group sessions. Group sessions usually run for an hour and a half and cost less than individual sessions.


Group members experience emotional support, understanding, and encouragement from one another with similar needs and concerns. Group therapy can facilitate  healing of emotional and psychological struggles, as well as recovery in addictions. Individuals increase self-confidence through revealing their inner selves to others in their group. Additionally, group interaction also help members feel less alone in the world by gaining an understanding of how similar issues have impacted other people's lives. This also creates a better understanding of their own sense of self, problems, goals, and solutions. Group therapy then becomes an avenue for aspiring above one's struggles through experiencing common humanness with others.

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